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3 simple ways to deliver a #facebookmktgFAIL

Coles notes: Be flashy, Focus on brand & Report on EVERYTHING!

#1) Bank on flashy apps, contests and coupons to drive engagement. According to a recent article by Syncapse CEO Michael Scissons Engagement on Facebook walls of 300 leading brands is down 22% YOY. Content needs to speak to the true brand advocates in ways that matter to resonate and drive engagement.

#2) Over or under share. Anyone who is on facebook (or any social network really) these days knows how over populated the news feed has become. Make sure you are you are not letting your advocates forget they are part of your community, but don’t over do it. The sweet spot seems to be around 5-7 times a week. The caveat is to use tools to help you keep testing for the optimal posting times for your audience over time.

#3) Speak ‘insider only’ social media KPIs.¬†Make sure you learn from the digital 101 days where measuring everything ended up eroding the value of the medium: unique targeting and engagement. Figure out how to show true MVC value to senior stakeholders so they understand the immediate and long tail impact on the bottom line.¬†

Thoughts? Feedback? Let me know!

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