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Ibiza Hotel Brings FB to Real Life

RFID has been around for some time now, but despite previous outcries against it’s use due to privacy concerns it seems that this technology’s adoption is growing with social media tie-ins. Many manufacturers have been using it for logistics tracking purposes for over a decade now. It’s interesting to see it finally have some marketing use scenarios… First, Coca Cola used it in Israel’s Coke Village just over a year ago, last week, Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel (see video below) and apparently now Great Wolf Lodges have rolled it out in the US as well.

The way it works: guests receive a slim RFID wristband synchronised to their Facebook profile. Throughout venues there are various points where guests can ‘check in’, take pictures or post a status according to where they are positioned in the hotel, simply by swiping their wristband across a sensor.

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